Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog #7 Surveys

Today's easy blog assignment is to complete two surveys.  The following survey and one on this site.  Title the blog post "#32 Survey."  

For each of the 16 questions, you are going to answer each with a value from 1 to 5.  Then take the second survey and screen capture your results (apple/shift/4).  Insert those results pictures  after the 16 values. Include all the information in the pictures including the values for all 8 intelligences (probably 3 pics- see my examples).

1 = Statement does not describe you at all
2 = Statement describes you very little
3 = Statement describes you somewhat
4 = Statement describes you pretty well
5 = Statement describes you exactly

1.   I pride myself on knowing my times tables (1-12).
2.   I can mentally add and subtract (without using my fingers).
3.   I consider myself a “math person.”
4.   When ordering food at a restaurant, I know approximately what my total bill is before being told by the cashier/waiter.
5.  Adding and subtracting fractions is easy for me.
6.   I can calculate travel time based upon mph and distance.
7.   I use some form of math every day.
8.   I like sports.
9.   I know what batting average is in baseball, and I know how to calculate it.
10.  I know what shooting average is in basketball, and I know hot to calculate it.
11.  I know (can calculate) how many inches are in a yard.
12.  I would be comfortable working a cash register (counting money, handing back change, etc.).
13.  I know (can calculate) how many seconds are in an hour.
14.  I know how to graph points like (1, -3).
15.  I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide any two numbers without a calculator (using pencil and paper).
16.  Math is easy.

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