Friday, April 4, 2014


Log in to schoolloop and check your grade for this class.  Any grade that is a zero or less than 7 you need to do/redo to improve your grade.

There have been 9 graded assignments so far in this trimester
(5 blog assignments and 4 Google assignments).

If everything is done with a grade of 7 or higher and you have verified it with me, you can have free time.  THIS MEANS THAT YOU ARE WORKING ON CLASS ASSIGNMENTS ONLY UNTIL YOU HAVE VERIFIED WITH ME THAT EVERYTHING IS COMPLETE.

Any grades that are less than 10 can be revised and edited for a higher grade.  Every assignment so far has been worth 10 points.

If you are finished with everything, have checked in with me, and are interested in extra credit, then you can go here and attempt to finish the game.  Anyone who finishes (there is a finish line) and shows it to me will get 10 points of extra credit.

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